January 2018

Our very first edition, Developing the Player, released in January 2018, giving players an insight into how to practise on their own, with drills and training techniques. Read this edition here:

February 2018

Reaching the Next Level. Inspiring players and giving insight into what it takes to compete at the top level. Read below:

April 2018

For the Love of the Game. This month we are joined by former England International, Gary Stevens. Gary gives us his insight on how to make it as a professional and his experiences within the game at the very top level.

May 2018

Off-Season Training - Keeping players and coaches training to a high level during the off-season.

June 2018

Become the Best - Helping players and coaches reach the next level in their game.

July 2018

Player Development Magazine - The Trends of the World Cup

August 2018

The Importance of Ball Mastery

September 2018

Both Feet Forward

October 2018

The Foundations of the Game

November 2018

Step by Step