Strength and Conditioning

Players are becoming physically fitter, stronger and more agile. OpportunityElite realises the need to develop yourself as a player and as an athlete.

Developing players is our goal, ensuring you reach those higher levels, allowing progression to further opportunities in football.

We offer Online Training to develop you, the footballer, through bespoke training sessions that are tailored to your needs. Take a look at our services below.

George Lyons

George Lyons is our specialist Strength and Conditioning coach here at OpportunityElite. George brings a wealth of ideas and knowledge, with a keen passion to develop players and progress them on to that next level in football. Take a look at George's experience below:

  • Degree in Exercise Science
  • Masters in Strength and Conditioning
  • Experience working with Professional clubs such as, Crystal Palace, Charlton and Stevenage Town FC
  • USA Soccer Scholarship recipient at Indiana Tech, NAIA 2009 National Tournament appearances
  • FA Level 3 NVQ Coach
  • Independent learning in the USA, attending conferences while working with Universities, professional coaches and teams.

Strength, speed, core strength, balance, explosive power and many other physical attributes are extremely important areas of the game. George, with his experience and vast knowledge can hugely develop you, leading to high-level improvements in your game.

Our Services

OpportunityElite offers a wide range of training packages that can fit each individuals needs. After an initial free 20 minute consultation, George will tailor bespoke services designed to improve your individual game.



Individual Session - Online (via Skype), or in person £50.00
Medium Term Coaching - weekly sessions over 6 weeks £275.00
Long Term Coaching - weekly sessions over 12 weeks £550.00

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