There’s always someone out there who wants to take your spot, whether you’re a grassroots player, or international footballer. In our one to one sessions we come across this very regularly and our advice is always to continue to work hard. If you’re working harder than the competition there is a better chance that you’ll develop and take their spot, or keep yours.

The more touches that we can take on the ball, the better. Making sure that we’re improving close control, co-ordination, balance on the ball and the use of both feet.

This is where our Training At Home Programme comes in.

Three sessions a week, for four weeks, developing your game, helping you get the technical advantage over your opponents.

Try out the first two sessions for free!

Was £9.99, Now £4.99 For The Duration of the UK Lockdown.

Use this programme to develop your technical game, taking more touches on the ball, becoming a highly skilful footballer.

You don’t need a lot of equipment, just a ball and some cones while you train in a small space from home, or at the local park.

Keep working on your game and see the improvements!

​​​​​​​Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard.