5 Pieces of Training Equipment to use while you’re at home

With lockdowns and training restrictions in place we are having to be creative with our training. Whether that be training in the garden, or at the local playing fields. Team sessions aren’t allowed, but we can still practise on our own, and these 5 pieces of training equipment will help in your training.

We still want to get plenty of touches on the ball, keeping our fitness and touch sharp. You can use this equipment to help you keep up with your training and it is all available on Amazon through our links below.

SKLZ Star Kick Soccer Trainer

The SKLZ Star Kick Trainer is perfect for players who want to practise striking the ball in a smaller space. You strap your size 3, 4 or 5 ball into the trainer and then adjust the velcro around your waist. The ball is attached to an elastic cord that retracts the ball back to you after you strike it.

It’s great to practise close control and volleys, but my suggestion is to use it for learning how to strike the ball cleanly with your other foot. You can practise this without worrying about hitting the ball in to your neighbours’ garden and take plenty of repetitions.


Quickplay: 2 in 1 Rebound Board

Rebound boards are becoming more and more popular within individual training. This Quickplay rebound board has a multi angled design that allows players to focus on ground pass return and air pass return. You can use it on grass or turf and it provides a good rebound option for players.

If you don’t have a spare wall at home to pass against, then these rebounders are great as they help develop and improve your first touch on both feet while also taking up very little space.


​​​​​​​Solo Pro Football Goal

Quite an obvious choice for training equipment, but worthwhile nonetheless. The Solo Pro goal is firm, lightweight and keeps shape well. It’s a great size goal for the young players out there to shoot in, however it is great when used as a passing target after dribbling or first touch activities.

This is a good one to use as it can be placed on grass or turf while being lightweight enough to move around and put away without trouble.


Solo Pro Top Bins Frames

Scoring goals isn’t just about generating power. It’s all about getting the accuracy first and putting the ball in a position away from the goalkeeper. Any budding young footballer should focus on putting the ball out of the goalkeeper’s reach before focusing on power. These Solo Pro corner frames are great for just this. The frames fasten with velcro to either the top or bottom corners of the posts, allowing you to really work on your finishing and get plenty of repetitions in.



Catapult Playr Smart Tracker

This is quite an advanced piece of equipment, but for any aspiring player who wants to measure their training statistics then this is perfect. The wearable GPS tracker measures the players physical performance when training, or competing. If you’re heading down the park and looking at working on your fitness then this GPS will track your physical stats and performance, giving you an idea of your training intensity and how far you have progressed with your fitness work.

It’s a great tool for the more serious player, looking to make sure that they are fit and ready for when Football returns.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Unfortunately, we don’t know how long lockdown here in the UK will last. However, we can still play the game we love by training on our own. Hopefully these training tools can help you develop your game while training in your garden, or down the local playing fields.

Keep up with your hard work, take more touches on the ball and be ready for the day Football returns!