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One to One Training

One to One Training with OpportunityElite can help you reach the next level in your game. Develop technically in all areas with highly specialised coaching, designed just for you. Click here to see how we will develop your game.

USA Soccer Scholarships

We can help you take the step to the next level through our links with elite clubs and institutions. We provide guidance and assistance to players in their search for USA Soccer Scholarships. Click here to see how we can help you realise your opportunities at the elite level.

Online Magazine

Develop as a player through the OpportunityElite magazine, designed to give you an insight into how to become as good as you can be. We have interviews and insight from names within the game, giving you the opportunity to develop your game and reach the next level. You can read and sign up to receive our monthly release through email, here.

Online Technical Development

View our technical drills and skills online. We have training tips, drills, techniques and skills for you to view and practice. Just one click away and you can use these drills in your own time to aid your individual development and personal training. Watch these drills here.

Welcome to OpportunityElite

Welcome to OpportunityElite. It is our goal to develop soccer players in order to open elite opportunities within the 'Beautiful game'. We are highly passionate about developing top level soccer players, opening the doors to showcase your potential.

We develop the player through One to One private coaching sessions, gearing you toward making an elite impact in the game. We don't just stop there, we coach you in a highly technical environment, providing specialised sessions to each individual, furthering your game and development.

Our knowledge of the sport is significant, while developing you we can also move you on to further opportunities through our comprehensive links within the game!

Enquire about a one to one session with OpportunityElite: